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When the moon is up, I eat it whole
I’m filled with the brightest feeling,
my soul just grows and grows
I’m wide awake and dreaming.

When the forests bloom, the air flows clear
I’m deep breathing and breathing,
my heart feels like you are near
I’m free and the oceans are sleeping.

When I dream long enough,
I see your face again.
We fly back to the world —
and just begin.



Photo by Mayur Gala on Unsplash

Tired eyes, fading dreams
songbirds singing melodies
blushed sky, rogue galaxies

you and I, us again
this measure of love makes no sense
sweet story, bitter end

suns up, we rise
hungry for love without goodbyes
hopeless together, we sigh

your touch, my waist
we fly each other to outer space
crash fast, hearts ache

tears fall, we drown
this perfect storm is ours now
lonely love, self doubt

hold tight, let go
struggle love is all we know
bleed light, we glow

walk away, breakthrough
all roads lead back to you
soul tied, bloodied roots

part memoir, part poetry
the sum of magic and everything
break dawn, we’re history

my skin, your scent
nostalgia sparks longing and regret
ocean air, burnt sunset

endless silence, black holes
hearts beat to hear echoes
we let us slip between our fingers
neglected love, never grows.



Photo by Danie Franco on Unsplash

Everyday time takes away a little more life
than it did the day before.
Everyday the Earth is spinning from west to east as the sun rises and sets — like it did the day before.
Life keeps going and going until it’s gone.
Seasons and moon phases
riptides and hearts racing.
And when it feels like you are just getting somewhere
life can move faster than the speed of light.
If the natural order of things
comes to pass,
life is long —
but it goes so fast.



D. Abboh

Hey there - I'm D. Writer/Storyteller | Creative Non-Fiction | Poetry. I know a little Tai Chi - but my Kung Fu is weak. Email: