All of this! I am fresh out of the box trying to carve out an income as a writer… trying not to undervalue myself and my work or overprice. It’s like swimming with sharks at times, some folks want to just eat up all your goodness and discard your bones… all for free. There seems to be a lot of resistance to paying writers at all, because ‘exposure’ is apparently our currency and all we need to get by. Last month, I was approached via email by a complete stranger, to produce a write up of 200–300 words or so for a short film within seven — ten days. This guy said he had read some of my writing online and expressed he was looking for more of the same, but once I mentioned a fee… he took such offence. He may as well of said ‘how dare you ask to be paid!’He continued to monologue about how everyone else onboard with the project was doing so for free, and didn’t hesitate to tell me about a well known writer who worked on his last film — also did so for free. It was disheartening honestly, but I was happy I didn’t end up working with someone who didn’t respect what I do at all really. If he ever approached me again in the future and was willing to pay for my work, I would respectfully decline because ‘not all money is good money’. Anyway, I wished him well with the film.

Thanks for sharing 🌻

Hey there I'm D. Writer/Poet/Mother - I know a little Tai Chi, but my Kung Fu is weak - beautifully flawed

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