And the choir said Amen! A little louder for the folks in the back. Sam, once again — you have nailed it! I can not understand where the difficulty is in grasping this entire premise, why folks are STILL fighting for the right to use the word — is beyond disturbing and stupid. Simply, if your moral compass is not skewed — you should not want to use the word if you do not belong to the particular group of people that that word was intended to offend. Before the cries of ‘freedom of speech’ rain down to put a blanket over this foolishness, sure — I agree, you CAN say it… but again WHY do you want to so badly? 👆 *see line on moral compass* I saw the ‘debate’ rise up again from the Breakfast Club posing the question about whether Kendrick was wrong or the fan, and again — like why is this even a question? You know what, let me just link to another essay on this which includes a clip of Ta -Nehisi Coates giving further common sense context to this. Sam McKenzie Jr. , I adore your ability to spill ink on this topic… I love that you dropped an ‘f’ bomb in there too… lmfao, that’s just me. Thank you my dear 🌻

Hey there I'm D. Writer/Poet/Mother - I know a little Tai Chi, but my Kung Fu is weak - beautifully flawed

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