Dear Anti-Black, Black People

Blackness is not your kryptonite — racism is

From me to you, if you are Black yet simultaneously Anti-Black — you suck.

Let me expand.

Racism, prejudice, oppression, white supremacy — all that shitty stuff, has expertly fucked with your head. This has led you to where you now reside, in the ‘sunken place’.

This letter, is an attempt to flash the camera light straight into your eyes.

Do you really think the Universe made a mistake when you came to be, just as you are with your Brown skin?

Do you really believe that your natural afro hair, is some sort of curse?

Do you really feel that it is not possible to be Black and beautiful?

Do you really think you are unworthy of humanity because of your Blackness?

Do you really think that you can somehow diminish your Blackness, by not wearing a hoody or a dashiki or speaking with eubonics - assimilating and acting out the bullshit that is ‘respectability politics’?

Do you really believe, that your Blackness makes you sub-human?

If you do, then my dear — you have become the enemy within. You are locked in a prison of race based self hate, and you have thrown away the key.

You have allowed your Blackness to become your kryptonite, because you have been gaslighted in the worst way.


The real villain of the piece in this tale, is racism.


I’m going to need you to look straight into this here light *flashes camera light*

You are not a mistake, you are a miracle.

Your hair is not a scapegoat for self loathing, it is your crown — wear it as you will, just love it.

Know this, Black is beautiful in every shade. You are a melaninaire.

You are worthy of life and your existence is vital to the Universe.

You can not remove your Blackness, just wear it well.

Above all else, you are a human being.

Please stop spewing the Anti-Black propaganda, then you will suck a whole lot less — believe me.

I found the key you threw away to that self imposed prison you’re locked in — I’m handing it back to you, please use it.

Yours faithfully,

your sister from another mister — D

Disclaimer: The term ‘sunken place’ is a reference taken from the 2017 film Get Out, written and directed by Jordan Peele.

Hey there I'm D. Writer/Poet/Mother - I know a little Tai Chi, but my Kung Fu is weak - beautifully flawed

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