Falling to pieces


D. Abboh
1 min readJun 19, 2019


like falling in love
I’m falling to pieces
I’m cutting my teeth on jagged edges

I’m spitting blood, barely breathing
I’m full of stubborn recklessness
loyal to my own heart, she and I must never part

my body is a shipwreck, my mind castaway
there’s no script to follow, no part to play
no safety net, no hand to hold

all there is are these words like ribbons in the sky
dressing and undressing this body to accommodate the warm and the cold
in shades of every colour, shades of Black and white

painting me over and over by the letter
with never-ending stories
365 days of the year, meet the same old — brand new me

not all stories are beautiful
not every lesson will be learned
but, I am more than I was yesterday and the everyday before that

I hate to feel weak, and I hate that I don’t know which way to go
and I don’t understand — so I’m trying to unlearn all that I think I know
I keep falling to pieces, breaking down — for a chance to grow



D. Abboh

Hey there - I'm D. Writer/Storyteller | Creative Non-Fiction | Poetry. I know a little Tai Chi - but my Kung Fu is weak. Email: dabboh76@outlook.com