Gosh, those stats are disturbing. I understand the night time curfewing, my mum used to tell us not to go out at night — she just used to say you can’t see where you are going. Which I totally get, if I can’t see what I’m walking on or what’s up ahead I get anxious. Now that I’m a mother, I wonder if it was anything deeper than that. I’m not keen on being out and about at night either, and I avoid walking anywhere or taking public transport at night. South London where I lived, wasn’t particularly violent although there was crime. Gun violence in the UK, is becoming more frequent — it’s frightening. I hope you find more freedom soon, stay safe. Stay blessed Sam 🌻

Hey there I'm D. Writer/Poet/Mother - I know a little Tai Chi, but my Kung Fu is weak - beautifully flawed Email:dabboh76@outlook.com

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