Hey there Clay Rivers , I’m an ‘AfroBrit’ (my own personal terminology, I don’t speak for everybody… so please don’t @me on this … Lol) and got a little heads up from Sam McKenzie Jr. to read your post — following our exchange about his post on the expectancy that the English language is spoken universally, and some of the cross cultural references that occur which can become a minefield.

I initially side eyed Jackys tweet as condescending, I don’t ‘think’ that was her intent — nonetheless, it was perceived that way by Tami and many others. The ‘tone’ of her follow up tweets, also read as condescending — as she attempted to ‘school’ folks on the ‘Queens English’ and the Monarchy, etc. Some might say, many of her following tweets on the matter — where she called into question people’s intelligence and so called sad lives — showed a lack of decorum and well, she was seemingly ‘misbehaving’ all over that thread. *rolls eyes*

As we know, words do matter. Context is key, and that whole mess demonstrated the Intent v Impact conundrum — in the end, they both count. I’m forever learning about the impact of my words towards others, (I fall into that hole, all the time) regardless of the intent — it’s fair to apologise if they caused offence — then move forwards *shrugs shoulders*

We can all make the choice to remind ourselves of humility on a daily basis, I say it makes it a whole lot easier to love each other.

Bravo to you for taking the time to apply objectivity, you’re a Gent.


Hey there I'm D. Writer/Storyteller. Mother. Poet. I know a little Tai Chi - but my Kung Fu is weak. Beautifully flawed. Email:dabboh76@outlook.com

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