Hmm, I appreciate your perspectives, you highlight some key considerations about self awareness and emotional intelligence.

Childhood is a steep learning curve, parenting is a steep learning curve — the epitome of on the job training if you will. Not everyone gets to decide to become a parent due to a myriad of adverse circumstances.

I have been blessed enough to decide to become a parent( I have two boys aged 10&6), I have chosen to take on the responsibility of trying to raise children into healthy adults — I for one take this responsibility seriously. However, parents — are just as flawed as any other human. We will mess up regularly, like any other human, we will not always think before we speak to our children for the 100th time that day about the exact same thing we spoke about the 99 previous times earlier that day. Yes I agree, there has to be a general level of empathetic thought when engaging with our children, but the reality is — that will not always go to plan. Aside from obvious abusive behaviour, children absorb the general mood and tone of their parents whether we are directly engaging with them or not. The truth as I see it, is that we won’t always be fully aware of how we are as people can damage the self esteem etc of our children — until the passage of time allows for enlightenment. This. Is. Parenting.

We are all out here trying to survive and thrive, the best we can hope for — is that we strike the balance between being a shitty arse parent in one moment to an A+ parent in the next. Time will tell if we manage to raise healthy adults.

Hey there I'm D. Writer/Poet/Mother - I know a little Tai Chi, but my Kung Fu is weak - beautifully flawed

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