How to love her

A little tenderness goes a long way

Be kind

Be persistently consistent with your time and efforts

Remain curious about her — it won’t kill you, and she will feel touched by your intrigue in her layers

Welcome her wild in, don’t try to tame it

Reach for her hand whenever chanced( i think this is underrated intimacy), if done as you cross the street she will be warmed by your gesture of protection and feel safe in your hands — she will smile from her eyes

Seek her friendship — confide in her

Let your actions show her that she is your choice not an option — never that

Make her a priority. Put. Love. First.

Listen to her, make it your mission to understand then OVERstand

Don’t ever make her compete for your heart — your affections

Give her your heart freely to keep

Encourage her

Place your hand on the small of her back when she’s vulnerable — let her know, you’ve got her

Be empathetic and honest

Love her in the light and the dark. Love her out of sight. Wherever you may be — love her still

Love her only

Come to her when you’re ready to meet her where she is in life — then evolve together

Love her a little something like this — and you will start a fire not even a tsunami can put out

Dear reader,

admittedly, I’m not claiming all of these suggestions speak for every woman. Nope, they are reflections of some personal preferences of mine and echoes from women i have known along the way. But If any of them resonate, then kindly highlight, share or clap for them.

Disclaimer: The title of this piece was taken from a prompt provided by GG Renee Hill with her #30Layers30Days writing challenge

Hey there I'm D. Writer/Poet/Mother - I know a little Tai Chi, but my Kung Fu is weak - beautifully flawed

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