Of being a melaninaire with billionaire dreams

because, ‘who wants to be a millionaire? I don’t’

D. Abboh
4 min readMay 16, 2018


“Neon sign reading YOU'LL GET IT EVENTUALLY in window that reflects building” by Nigel Tadyanehondo on Unsplash

Melanin rich

I’m saying it with my chest, from here to the end — I am a melaninaire.

I am a melaninaire, blessed with a wealth of melanin — saturated from within, in glorious mahogany tones.

Don’t pet my hair, I don’t belong in a zoo. The rights to my body — do not belong to you.

A ‘fro full of coils — twist out — braids — this here is my crown, I will wear it my way.

As a girl, day after day — they called me hopeless. Each time I’d say ‘hopeless is not my name.’

They called her hopeless — everything but her name, that girl — she grew — into a hurricane.

I’m recklessly hopeful — since hopelessness set me free.

The brownest of eyes, do you know what they see? A world that needs to catch up to the reality of me. Here I am, choosing myself even if others do not choose me — I’m celebrating these journeys around the sun. I’m already rich. I’m already the one.

Head to toe, inside and out — bathed in sunlight like a sunflower, swaying in the breeze.

When you hear people exclaim like you’re some sort of anomaly for having your mind right — your shit together — the ability to string a sentence together — having ambition — knowledge of self — the antidote to that toxin in my air, is to reaffirm I am a melaninaire.

There’s so much to come, much more to see — I’m here to live out my ancestors dreams.

Billionaire dreams

I don’t really care about the impossible, the impossible has nothing to do with me.

Forgetting about impossible is easy as one — two — three, the word spells it out — just read it again:

I’m — possible. There, fixed it.

‘I wanna be a billionaire so fucking bad.’

There, I said it — out loud. Universe, I hope you hear me now. This is no Genie wish, I know I have smart work to do. All I ask of you, please be my whispering partner — conspire with me.



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