Ok Sam, I hear your sentiments — and I applaud your efforts to find and build bridges between different folks. However, I do echo some of what alto mentioned in his response, the current model of gentrification does not appear to be concerned with strengthening communities. Alas, it looks like another age old ‘new’ systemic method that seeks to further oppress, devalue and exclude people of colour — from spaces of their own, which in many cases were cultivated out of forced exclusion from the country/countries as a whole. Whereas the National ‘issue’ being taken when people of colour (in particular)etc come into traditionally ‘white’ spaces — smacks of privilege, in viewing equality of freedom of movement and accessibility which should be afforded to all humans — as some kind of equated oppression. It. Is. Not.

“When you’re accustomed to privilege, equality feels like oppression.”

Hey there I'm D. Writer/Poet/Mother - I know a little Tai Chi, but my Kung Fu is weak - beautifully flawed Email:dabboh76@outlook.com

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