Ready, ready, steady, love

“We love because it’s the only true adventure.” — Nikki Giovanni

D. Abboh
2 min readJan 21, 2019


Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

Making your way in the world, is a wild trip around and around the sun. Nobody knows quite what they’re doing — until it’s done. Stepping out there on blind faith, raw courage — getting tripped up by the glory of love. There we go, falling over and over again into what seems — a crazy dream. Are we awake, or are we asleep?

Life is far too breathtaking — and as full as the moon. So, we adventure on, get busy unfolding what becomes of me and you.

Still trying to live our lives ‘off the wall’, there’s no home for us — hiding behind it. Safety is a myth anyway, so what are we frightened for?

Though we’re weary about our place in the world, we’re not Fela’s ‘zombies’.

On we go, sometimes split open with rage, chaos, grief, joy — we bleed and bleed water, blood, light and love creating rivers of life — flood after flood.

I’m the super shero of my love story and you of yours, with no need for a cape, I’m packing light along my way with just a head full of stars and a pocket full of grace.

“Make love great again.” — Stevie Wonder

This is no mission impossible, if we just accept what is possible. We are composed of more than just flesh and bones, suddenly we see, we have love deep in the souls of us — filling us up like good food on an easy Sunday morning, the sweetest healing.

If you listen and wonder in silent reflection to rolls of thunder, you’ll know — even the sky gets the blues sometimes. It’s okay.

Still, there are spaces for us to meet in the middle, still there is joy and colour and light and rhythm and wild and peace, what matters to you — matters to me. We can handle with care — our vulnerabilities.

Feel free, to say ‘something stupid like I love you.’ We came here for love after all, this is the adventure.



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