The fight to feel and prove, equality of oppression — seems to be the objective of this fairy tale called ‘reverse racism’. True, all humans can have prejudice of some description, which left unchecked — become implicit biases. Racism however, is a system implemented throughout all infrastructures, education, housing, politics, law, etc. People seem happy to ‘talk’ about how disgraceful it is to kneel during the national anthem, or how ‘reverse racism’ is a thing (it’s not), but talking about and actioning the dismantling of actual racism — is problematic? Folks need to keep that same energy they have for being a loudspeaker for all lives matter and ‘reverse racism’ on solutions to ACTUAL racism, then let’s talk.

Sam, I salute you. Thank you. 🌻

Hey there I'm D. Writer/Poet/Mother - I know a little Tai Chi, but my Kung Fu is weak - beautifully flawed

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