The Not to-do List

Do not go back and forth with people who have shown a determination to misunderstand you (your peace is a state of mind constantly compromised by engaging with the fuckery). Ugh.

Do not compare the way you write to other Writer’s (evolving is a unique journey).

Do not under charge for your work (equating integrity with writing for chicken change/free — is a useless mindset).

Do not defer your dreams (thank you Langston Hughes).

Do not underestimate yourself (leave that to others).

Do not ignore your instincts (you’re still learning the difference between them and anxiety).

Do not talk shit about him to them. Just stop it.

Do not talk shit about yourself to yourself.

Do not worry about tomorrow (it doesn’t exist).

I took up this ‘productivity challenge’ thrown down by the beautiful mind of Erica Leshai — over on Insta. I’m leaving it here as a gentle reminder to myself and just in case it might be helpful to anyone else. Thanks loads for reading.

Hey there I'm D. Writer/Storyteller. Mother. Poet. I know a little Tai Chi - but my Kung Fu is weak. Beautifully flawed.

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