The Paradox of Love and Grief

A prose poem

D. Abboh
2 min readAug 5, 2022


We fall in love every day. Thereafter, with every breath and every heartbeat we move one step closer to grief. What a tragedy — in this natural order of things — that we can’t have one without the other.

Photo by Prince Akachi on Unsplash

With every break of dawn
we’re falling in love every day
for us to thrive
we know there is no other way

The details were different, but it ended just the same.
I walk on
and never look back
but now I’m under the influence of shadows
and the moments that I miss.

when we’re apart,
I think of you loving me and me loving you every day
inside my dreams
unmatched joy and love scenes do replay

There is so much more than space in between us;
there is a thousand years,
heartbreak and death.
Our love was as deep as this aloneness that remains
and now there is no such thing as us — or forever.

through this life
you walk beside me every day
touch my heart and soul
hum our melody as we sway

We never got everything right
but even when we were estranged
we belonged together;
we had the capacity to hold the best and worst of one another.
Dear darling, fly higher and higher.
Ashes to ashes — stardust to stardust.

through the incoming season
as the summer twilight begins to fade
we will linger on every day
becoming dark skies lit up by the stars that we ate.



D. Abboh

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