The Unknown

A prose poem

D. Abboh
1 min readNov 2, 2022


Photo by Jessica Felicio on Unsplash

Making a way through the world as you sit on top of mounting grief,
breathing it in,
is a dream that begins with you noticing what triggers the restlessness in your bones.
Resilience — against the relentless tidal waves that threaten to drown me — keeps propelling me towards the edge of the unknown.
I’m covered in fear and wrapped up in the excitement of finding what is possible before it is lost.
Everything has become too hard and too fast
but I want to become softer and take everything slower.
I know everything is a measure of risk and safety is a comforting myth.
I know I’m alive and not just living in my pristine memories.
I also know time is free-falling off this dreams edge into the darkness.
Here is my prayer:
May faith precede every little step I take,
clearing the debris as I forge a path through the dark.
May love pursue me, gathering me out from beneath the inevitable landslides.
May liberty and happiness accompany me along my way.



D. Abboh

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