Unfinished — Emotional — Business

A poem

D. Abboh
2 min readSep 5, 2022


Photo by Lyyfe Williams on Unsplash

Heart sinks faster than the sun disappearing as the autumn nights draw in and wrap themselves around me.
In the stillness I hear you breathing and feel you crawling around underneath my skin.
Why do we let hopeless things linger?
Once upon a time, you tasted like moon pie.
And I will always be in love with the moon.
But I have become harder than the me I was before I knew you.
So I know this is not love.
This is not sustenance.
This is unfinished — emotional — business.
Love is the warrior with the softest touch;
real love has taught me about camaraderie and tenderness
and boundless Black magic that is never too much.
We only stall the inevitable with 'just one more try '
in our desert we cling to this mirage with our heart’s on the line.
I close my eyes and try to dream the world away.
I need to feel something different,
but my jaw is clenched and my grip is too tight.
I’ve held on too long through sunsets and moonlight
and countless spring days and summers twilight.

Autumn has arrived,
it offers nothing more than the feeling of harsh winters
to one stuck in your shadow —
time after time.
I’ve reached full capacity for holding this kind of misery, rage and regret.
I’ve cried me a river and wondered if you noticed me falling apart,
I’ve sung stupid love songs to un-break my reckless heart.
I close my eyes and try to dream, dream, dream the heartache away.
I am ready to return myself to me.
I say hello to morning — and beg for mercy to begin again —
as it spills sunlight across the shadows,
takes winter by the hand and leads it away.
To start the new chapter the old one has to end.
I turn the page,
the morning lays its wisdom beside my ear
and whispers me back to life and into day.
I close my eyes and hear the morning say
'in the stillness catch your breath and see how far you’ve come,
now on you go and dream away.’



D. Abboh

Hey there - I'm D. Writer/Storyteller | Creative Non-Fiction | Poetry. I know a little Tai Chi - but my Kung Fu is weak. Email: dabboh76@outlook.com