With ref to no.5, in my opinion…I say it’s the emotional attachments (even if they don’t seem outwardly obvious) that prevent our loved ones from ‘being there’ at times…emotions just seem to complicate the heck out of EVERYTHING…strangers are free from this complex web.

And no.7, the dreaded writers block…ugh…i’m starting to believe more and more that this has to do with a subconscious resistance sometimes to writing what is truly on our souls at any given time…and instead we sit tapping our pens in search of some other something to write…inevitably ending up in this writing wilderness called writers block.

That’s all Iv’e got *shrugs shoulders*

Hey there I'm D. Writer/Poet/Mother - I know a little Tai Chi, but my Kung Fu is weak - beautifully flawed Email:dabboh76@outlook.com

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